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The Committee of 100 monitors the proposals and actions of state, county, and municipal governmental bodies and agencies and actively participates in task forces, forums, hearings, and committees to address issues of importance.

The Committee of 100:

·  Monitors governmental legislation and proposals that business, small and large, might
    not otherwise 
have the time and resources to follow

·  Responds quickly and effectively to governmental proposals


·  Draws upon the considerable expertise of its members and does thorough research to address



·  Approaches each issue with a balanced perspective to protect the existing community and the
   environment while facilitating responsible economic development

·  Works to improve proposed legislation or regulations--not only to protect the economy of the City, County and State, but also, to benefit the community as a whole

Since its beginnings in 1967 -- from its early emphasis on studies to address issues as wide-ranging as taxes and water; through its funding of such economic development tools as a multi-lingual brochure for international development; to its more recent involvement in land use, transportation, environmental, education, regulatory, and general economic development issues -- The Committee of 100 has repeatedly made a difference in the ability to do business in New Castle County and Delaware.


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