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Members of The Committee of 100 recognize that not only their individual businesses, but also, other businesses, families, individuals, the environment, and the community as a whole benefit from a healthy economy. Membership provides an opportunity to work effectively toward that end and to support an organization that has an impact. Our members become more informed, more involved, and more effective.

Members also have the opportunity to interact with key business and professional leaders who make up the membership of The Committee of 100.

As part of its educational and networking process, The Committee of 100 holds monthly dinner meetings. Key policy makers--such as the Governor, County Executive, Mayor of Wilmington, Secretaries of Transportation and DNREC, Director of the Delaware Economic Development Office, and Director of Planning--and prominent business leaders are guest speakers. Speakers are also invited to address current topics, ranging from infrastructure regulations to health care, and from the latest commission report to economic forecasts.


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