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The Economic Development Committee participates in The Committee of 100's mission of keeping Delaware's economy healthy by aiding in The Committee of 100's monitoring of the City, County, and State to identify and address issues which might impact the economy. The Economic Development Committee has the responsibility of interacting with State, County, and City elected and appointed officials to assess and influence policies and legislation for sustainable economic development. The Economic Development Committee organizes The Committee of 100's Visitation Program with officials who have the potential for impacting economic development and works with them, as well as with other business and professional organizations, to help keep Delaware's economy healthy. The Economic Development Committee also informs the Board and general membership of issues and programs impacting economic development as well as members' businesses and professional activities.

Committee Members
Nicholle R. Taylor, Artesian Resources, Chair
Gene Delle Donne, Delle Donne & Associates, Vice Chair

John Q. Birmingham, III, Cushman & Wakefield of Delaware
Michael Burcham, KCI Technologies, Inc.
Chris Castagno, LOCATION Realty Advisors, LLC
Eugene A. DiPrinzio, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor
Brian DiSabatino, EDiS Construction
Kevin DiSabatino, DiSabatino Construction Company
Larry DiSabatino, DiSabatino Construction Company

Joseph A. Giordano, Whisman, Giordano & Associates LLC 

Jenna E. Harwanko, BrightFields, Inc.
Jed Hatfield, Colonial Parking, Inc.
Phillip Hough, WSFS Bank
Bobby Judge, Bancroft Construction Company
Howard Krinsky, Delaware Engineering and Design Corporation
Andrew M. Lubin, Delaware Financial Group
Robert MacIntosh, DCI+MacIntosh Engineers
James Peffley, Delaware Community Investment Corporation
Rich Przywara, Woodlawn Trustees 
Seth J. Reidenberg, Tybout Redfearn & Pell
Gregory E. Ritter, Master Interiors, Inc.
Wendie C. Stabler, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
Pamela J. Scott, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
Richard A. Stratford, Tevebaugh Associates
James A. Tevebaugh, Tevebaugh Associates
Michael Turick, Buccini/Pollin Group 
Ted C. Williams, Landmark Science & Engineering

Ex-Officio Members
Nicholle R. Taylor, Artesian ResourcesPresident
Elizabeth Keller, The Committee of 100, Executive Director

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