February 2010



Chris Coons, New Castle County Executive


When Chris Coons last addressed The Committee of 100, he spoke about the 2010 budget that was $23.7 million less than the 2009 budget. He called the challenges facing the County “unmatched in our government’s history”.  Chris will share with us how the cuts affected the County’s day to day business and what is in store for 2011.  Mr. Coons will also update our membership on the progress he has made in his vision for New Castle County -- safer communities, a stronger economy, a healthier more attractive environment, and a diverse market of livable housing options.


With a shared focus on economic development and job growth, Mr. Coons will also address what New Castle County is doing to integrate the County’s permitting process with the streamlined processes recently initiated at the State, allowing for a more predictable, efficient and responsible process for those starting or growing business in our community.


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